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Fidelitas Wines

"Every decision we make in the vineyard, cellar, and blending table we keep our members in mind. Our winemaking team is dedicated to introducing our members to what we believe are the highest quality vineyard blocks on Red Mountain and highlight them in limited bottlings, just for them." - Charlie
Welcome to the Fidélitas Membership, where we offer our members exclusive access to the finest wines and vineyards in the Red Mountain region. With decades of vineyard relationships, we craft our wines specifically for our club members, providing an unmatched tasting experience accompanied by exceptional service and benefits.
As a member, you'll receive the most limited Fidélitas releases and have the option to personally choose the wines in your allocation. Enjoy complimentary ground shipping on all allocations, as well as personalized assistance from your very own Membership Concierge.
But that's not all - our members also receive access to specialty wines and small batch releases at exclusive pricing. And when you visit our tasting rooms, you'll receive complimentary tastings so you can experience our wines firsthand.
Join the Fidélitas Membership today and indulge in the very best that Red Mountain has to offer.


Optu Wine Club

For members who will be picking up their allocations from one of our tasting room locations.

4 bottles per allocation

4 customizable allocations per year [February, April, September, November]

Average cost per allocation [before tax]: $150 - $250

20% Discount

4 complimentary tastings per visit

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Electus Wine Club

A ship only membership, offering shipping during temperate seasons.

8 bottles per allocation 

2 customizable allocations per year [April, October]

Average cost per allocation [before tax]: $300 - $500

20% Discount

 Ground shipping included on allocations 

4 Complimentary tastings per visit

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