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Fidelitas Wines


Amy Graham
January 11, 2017 | Amy Graham

Wine Cellaring Tips

Happy New Year!

I love January.  It’s always a fresh new start, a time of change, a time of reboot.  January is also a great time to get your wine cellar organized!  From the make/model you choose, to the method in which you keep track of your wines, there are many aspects to think of when considering a wine cellar.

 First and foremost, your wines should maintain a steady temperature.  55-59° F is the optimal temperature range along with 55-75% RH for storing wine.  Fun temperature facts:  wine will age 4 times faster if stored in a closet or pantry!  We know that 55°F is optimal.  46°F is entering the danger zone on the cold side and wine freezes at 32°F. Wine enters the danger zone on the warm side at 70°F and is cooked at 82°F.

There are many types of wine cellars in a wide range of prices that will do a great job of keeping your wine at an optimal temperature.  A simple search on Google using “Wine Fridge” will bring up a vast array of choices from popular stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, and Home Depot.  Choose one that fits your budget and your drinking habits.

Ok, you have the wine cellar, now how are you going to keep track of your wines? If you’re Excel savvy, a spreadsheet listing vintage, varietal, price and tasting notes will do you just fine.  If you’re tech savvy, there are several apps out there that will do a great job of keeping your wines in line. Vivino and Cellar Tracker are available both on iOS and Android.  Vivino (iOS   Android) allows you to scan your wine, save them to your cellar and find food pairings and ratings. They are also fantastic when it comes to socialness.  Cellar Tracker (iOS   Android)also allows you to scan your wines and add them to your cellar. I’ve found Cellar Tracker to be a tad more user-friendly when inventorying your wines.


You have your cellar and your tracking app, now you need to fill your cellar! Fidélitas can certainly help you with that.  Our Product Spotlight this month is our Restock the Cellar promo.  We have fantastic pricing on 6-packs of 2015 Klipsun Semillon and 2013 Optu Red Mountain.  The case price on our 2013 4040 Red Wine is a steal – definitely stock up on this one!  These prices are so amazing that we are only offering them until January 15th, so hurry if you want to take advantage!

Chelsea Brophy
January 4, 2017 | Chelsea Brophy

Snow Days on Red Mountain

As many of us have experienced the warm summer heat that comes from summer in Eastern Washington it’s hard to picture what Red Mountain can look like in the winter. Well folks, if you can believe it we have snow on the mountain and we have photos to prove it! Personally, I have been enjoying the blanket of snow that is surrounding the region we call home however, with the start of January it’s hard not to dream about what’s to come this year and that means warmer weather for some of us and amazing newly released wines of course! 

Charlie Hoppes
December 27, 2016 | Charlie Hoppes

Happy New Year, from Charlie

Dear Friends of Fidelitas:

As 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to take a brief moment to thank all of you who are so supportive of Fidelitas. Plain and simple, we would not exist if it were not for all of you, our faithful, loyal, and true customers.

In the past year, we saw the release of some really great, 2013 vintage red wines. As I mentioned last year, I thought that maybe the 2013 vintage was one of my favorites since I started Fidelitas with the 2000 vintage. That still holds true after tasting these wines throughout the year. These 2013 reds will continue to improve as they age out a little more, and have not yet reached their peak by any means. The Canyons Vineyard Red and Malbec from Red Mountain were great new additions to our releases for the vintage. We look forward to continuing those wines into the future.

This coming year will see a couple of new products to our lineup. For the first time, we will make a very limited amount of Malbec from The Canyons Vineyard. Look for this wine to be released in August (with a sneak peek during Malbec Madness in January). We will also have the first release of Blackwood Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon. These vines were initially planted in 1984 and border our own Estate vineyard just to the west. The depth and intensity of this wine is incredible and we look forward to its release in April. We hope the quality of this wine is an indication of what we can look forward to in the Fidelitas Estate Vineyard. One other highlight of the upcoming year will be the release of our last vintage of Champoux Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. We started making Cabernet Sauvignon from this iconic vineyard in 2002. This release will be our thirteenth and final vintage. As many of you know, Paul and Judy Champoux have retired, and we retired from the vineyard as well to focus on Red Mountain fruit.

2017 will be the first vintage we will get fruit from our new Estate planting. It will be a very small amount but we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us. The newest 9-acres of Fidelitas Estate has Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. We will have a total of six different clones of Cabernet Sauvignon in production, so it should be quite interesting.

I always have people asking about how our most recent vintage, 2016 turned out. I think it is one of our more unique vintages in Washington. The year started off looking like it was going to be another very warm vintage, but starting in the summer months the weather mirrored what would be a normal year. This meant less extremely hot days and a slow even ripening of the fruit into September and October. We did see a slightly higher than normal yield with exceptional quality. The uniqueness of the vintage is that even with higher than average yields, we saw above average quality. That very rarely happens.

In closing, I would like to publicly take a moment to thank each and every person that works for Fidelitas. Although I have met many of our customers over the years, all of you have had an interaction with somebody from our organization at some time or another. These wonderful people are the voice of Fidelitas. Without them telling our story we would just be another brand. Thanks again for all your support. Cheers to 2016!


Charlie Hoppes

Fidelitas, Owner + Winemaker

Skye Dissette
December 21, 2016 | Skye Dissette

2016 in Photos

As we say farewell to 2016 I thought it would be fun to look back at all of the great memories we had.


Amy Graham
December 14, 2016 | Amy Graham

One Stop Shopping at Fidelitas

The Holidays are rapidly approaching, are you ready?  Fidéiltas is and we are here to help you with all of your gifting needs.  Our elves in Woodinville and on Red Mountain have been busy creating the perfect presents for those hard to purchase for folks on your list. 

We have gift packs aplenty for the wine aficionado along with beautifully wrapped single bottles that are the perfect hostess gift for any of the Holiday parties you’ll attend. 

Go Big for the Holidays this year with Fidélitas Large Formats!  We have all your favorites, including 2013 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 Ciel du Cheval Cabernet Sauvignon (in both 3L and Magnum!) and 2013 Optu Red Mountain.  You will be the star of the party when you arrive with one of these!

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift that will continue to give throughout the year.  Our wine club gift membership fits the bill and gives your recipient the best of the best for the upcoming year! Giving a gift membership is easy, simply select the level you would like and click “gift” when you are signing up.

Our elves over on Red Mountain are busy at work and ready to ship gift wrapped wines to wherever you need them to go. They work extraordinarily hard during the holidays – we are so thankful for them!

If you need to take advantage of Santa’s delivery service outside of the Pacific Northwest, please have your requests to our elves no later than Monday December 19th.  For orders going within the Pacific Northwest, Tuesday, December 20th is the last day. 

For those last minute gifts, our elves in Woodinville and on Red Mountain will have wrapped bottles and gift packs available that can be easily picked up as you are heading out.  Please remember that we are closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

We here at Fidélitas would like to wish you the Happiest of Holidays and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Chelsea Brophy
December 7, 2016 | Chelsea Brophy

Shareables for the Holidays

Every year I try and prepare for the holidays and every year I am left in the dust and scrambling around last minute. The true reason I am always last minute scrambling for gifts is because I spend my free time dreaming and planning of my next meal or glass of wine to share amongst family and friends. Below are some of my “must shares” for this seasons next gathering. 

Prosciutto Pear Bites with Blue Cheese

Recently, served this at the last Fidelitas gathering and it was such a crowd pleaser. I might also add that it took little to no time at all to make, it’s a sure way to impress!

Wine Recommendation:

2013 Klipsun Vineyard Late Harvest Semillon 


2015 Optu White Wine

Marinated Cheese and Olives in a Jar

I always have this little number on hand for gifts! Amazing how easy it is to mix up, place in jars and pass them out. It’s also a perfect snack for football Sundays or snuggling up on the couch watching Christmas movies and enjoying a glass of wine.

Wine Recommendation: 

2013 Ciel du Cheval Red Wine 


2013 Canyons Vineyard Red Wine

Baked Brie Pecan Bite

This one takes a smidge more work because it has a few additional steps but totally doable. To me this has Christmas Eve written all over it, melted Brie, crunchy pastry, and the sweetness of the reduction sauce (don’t let that scare you, it’s simple).

Wine Recommendation:

2013 Ciel du Cheval Merlot


2013 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Ricotta and Prosciutto Crackers

I am always searching for a pretty appetizer for the picky eater and this is it! This is sure to be a preferred treat in my household for years to come.

Wine Recommendation:

2015 Klipsun Vineyard Semillon


2013 Ciel du Cheval Cabernet Sauvignon

Here’s hoping these recommendations help with your next party or night in! I am still no closer to finishing my holiday shopping, but at least my next meal and glass of wine are covered, Cheers! 


Jess Zander
November 30, 2016 | Jess Zander

3 Reasons to Keep a Case of Wine in Your Car

Full disclosure...this is a post from years past.  But, still relevant, so sharing again!


‘Tis the Season of last minute gift grabbing: heading to someone’s house, a party, or an appointment, and wanting to give something better than a regift from last year.  Keep a case of easy drinkers and pretty tissue handy all season long so you never show up empty handed.*

1 – Hostess Gifts

Perhaps the most obvious, but for a reason!  People work hard to throw a party at their home and always appreciate the acknowledgement of a gift.  And – if you call it a hostess gift instead of a bar contribution, they feel like they get to keep that special bottle to themselves.

2 – Family Gatherings…

…are always better with a little wine.  Don’t trust Uncle Jack to have enough supply to keep everyone going through the course of a family get together.  Bring a bottle of your own to make sure there is enough for the duration!

3 – Everyone ‘else’ on your List

I was getting my hair done 2 weeks before Christmas last year and someone popped in to give my stylist a bottle of wine.  There I was, a winery employee, and totally empty handed.  A nice bottle can go a long way for the people with whom you have a great relationship, but maybe didn’t make the major mall shopping list.

*Note: in no way am I suggesting that these wines should be consumed in your car, which is illegal.  If you think you might be tempted, keep the corkscrew at home.  Also, be careful about the weather!  Wines left outside overnight when the temps drop could freeze, and that is really sad.

Michelle Marsh
November 25, 2016 | Michelle Marsh

Your Concierge Team is On-Call This Season!

We're excited to share that we've doubled up this holiday season to give you the greatest experience ever at Fidelitas!

Introducing your Club Concierge Team.

Michelle and Skye are here to help with anything you bring to us (even recipe ideas or deciding what wine will pair best with irksome in-laws). 

Need something special shipped to your cousins across country, no problem! We'll even wrap it up in shimmering paper, tie it with a bow, hand write your gift note, and ensure that we ship it to arrive on time. 

Trying to come up with a gift that keeps on giving for that special someone who deserves something special all year round...look no further! We'll help you set up a customized gift Wine Club Membership. 

Know someone who is already a Fidelitas fan and want to pick out something unique? We'll gladly ponder their wine history to see what their favorites are and dig around in our Library for something comparable or find a Large format they will enjoy. 

Did you know that we'll even hand deliver local gifts for you? We pack up the trusty Subaru with cases of wine and find our way to your office to give those hardworking employees of yours a gift they will be sure to enjoy.

We even have something for the novice wine drinker! 

No task is too big or too small. We are on call to do the work for you this holiday season! 

Contact your Concierge Team at or 509.554.9191

P.S. Please help us in welcoming Skye Dissette as a permanate addition to the Club Concierge Team! 

Time Posted: Nov 25, 2016 at 6:00 AM
Skye Dissette
November 16, 2016 | Skye Dissette

What's On Your Holiday Wine List?

Is it just me, or did 2016 feel like it never happened? We just finished up our LAST club release of the year and that boggles my mind. Something else that boggles my mind is walking into Target and feeling like you are already behind on the holidays. As we enter this festive season it’s time to look back on what we have released this year and add it to the holiday wine list! Who wants to go shopping?

2015 Klipsun Vineyard Optu White

The best wine to have with your turkey! This blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon has just the perfect amount of acidity to balance out the fruit. I say it pairs well with turkey but at my household it seems this wine is gone before appetizers are even served…at 11am.

2013 Optu Red Mountain

A blend that pleases them all. No matter the wine drinker, it is always smart to have a heavier blend on the table. It helps that this wine is from some of the best vineyards on Red Mountain!

2013 Red Heaven Cabernet Sauvignon

As most of you know, we like our Cabernet’s here at Fidelitas. So, let’s start with one that we released earlier this year! This Cabernet is a bit brighter than the others that will go perfectly with your holiday dish.

2010 Champoux Vineyard Block One Cabernet Sauvignon

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Look no further! This wine is sourced from the very first block that was planted in the Champoux Vineyard (vines dating back to 1972!). A dark, rich, luscious Cabernet that will please any wine lover. We are also down to the last few cases of our 2012 vintage and hey, we will even wrap them for you!

2013 Fidelitas Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Ahh...Charlie’s second vintage! I may be biased, but Charlie’s Cabernet’s are fantastic. Especially when they come from his own vineyards. Snag yourself this special wine, it hits all the right taste buds and looks pretty on the table!

2013 Ciel du Cheval Merlot

Come on…you must have a Merlot at the party. We all know that Charlie makes some of the best Merlot’s around, and this one is possibly my favorite (sorry, Red Mountain Merlot!). Ciel du Cheval is owned by Jim Holmes, the pioneer of Red Mountain itself. Charlie and Jim make a dynamic duo and it shows with this wine. It will pair with pretty much anything on your holiday menu. 

Happy Holidays from Fidelitas and let’s get to shoppin’!

Time Posted: Nov 16, 2016 at 9:00 AM
Amy Graham
November 9, 2016 | Amy Graham

Fun Fall Events at Fidelitas


We are approaching the holiday season quickly and we here at Fidélitas have some awesome upcoming events that we would love to share with you! 

Red Mountain Wine Walk

Wine Walks are a fantastic way to explore the area wineries and Fidélitas is happy to be a part of a special one highlighting Red Mountain.  We have partnered with 6 other Woodinville Wineries to bring you the Woodinville Red Mountain Wine Walk.  Obtain your card and begin your journey at any of the wineries below. Simply enjoy a tasting at each, collect your stamp, and soak up all the knowledge you can about the special AVA that is Red Mountain.  Once you’ve completed your card, simply place it in the envelope at the last winery and it becomes your entry for a chance to win some pretty incredible prizes! The Woodinville Red Mountain Wine Walk goes until December 15, 2016, so you still have time to get in on the goodies! 

Friends and Family Day at Fidélitas!

Each year on the day after Thanksgiving, Fidélitas opens its doors to our Friends and Family for free tastings!  That’s right, free tastings!  You’ve feasted and shopped and now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some fabulous wine. You simply need to rsvp to let us know you’ll be joining us.  Club members receive two additional tastings and non-clubbies can grab two complimentary tastings. We’ll be full of cheer and pouring our favorites! You don’t want to miss this! Click here to sign up! 

Fidélitas Holiday Shopping Party!

What’s that you say?  Come to Fidélitas, grab some yummy bites, sample some wine, and shop?  Done!  Each December we host our Holiday Shopping Party in both Woodinville and on Red Mountain.  This year it’s Friday, December 2nd on Red Mountain and Saturday, December 3rd in Woodinville.  Wines that make up our gift packs (can you say delicious?) are open, tasty appetizers are available, and guests have the opportunity to purchase wines that are beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving or can create their own custom set.  I’m sure there’s at least one (or five!) person on your gift list that would love to receive some amazing Fidélitas wines for the holidays. As an added bonus, the ever popular Staff Cookie Bar will be making an appearance as well!  Tickets are just $15 each, and as this is a highly popular event, please rsvp to either Amy (if you will be attending in Woodinville) or Chelsea (if you’ll be attending on Red Mountain) as soon as possible. Pre-purchase a gift pack (available here) and your ticket is free! 

We look forward to seeing you in the tasting room soon!