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Skye Dissette
January 29, 2020 | Skye Dissette

We Love Red Mountain

There are too many reasons to love Red Mountain. Not only is it our home, but it’s a place that offers a wide variety of complex flavors for all palates, beautiful sunsets, and passionate wine loving people who could spend their days sharing Red Mountain stories. Did I mention beautiful sunsets?

In the month of February, we release a set of wines that encompass everything which makes this little AVA so special. Sipping on these wines you taste those complex flavors, see those beautiful sunsets, and remember the amazing Red Mountain stories you heard in the tasting room.

Our members are currently customizing their allocations with this set of new releases. My recommendation? Snag them all! You have enough variety in this line-up to please all of those around you.

2017 Red Mountain Malbec

released in January – available to all!

2017 Red Mountain Merlot

releasing in February

2017 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

releasing in February

2017 Optu Red Mountain

releasing in February

Current members, log-in here to customize your upcoming allocation. Not a member yet? Consider joining by following this link! There is still enough to go around.



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