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Chelsea Brophy
October 31, 2014 | Chelsea Brophy

Spooktacular Fidelitas Pumpkins

The holidays are fast approaching and Fidelitas has gotten in the mood by decorating some themed pumpkins for Halloween. Instead of the average pumpkin carving that takes place around this time of year, we decided to sit back, pour a glass of 2011 Champoux Merlot and create a glitzed out design. Might we add that this was easier than gutting a pumpkin and is much more attractive.

Supplies Needed:

-Glass of your favorite Fidelitas Wine


-Spray Paint (Black or White)

-Glitter (Assortment of colors)

-Paint brushes

-Tacky glue

We just started by spray painting our pumpkins and then let them dry. Then, we traced our Fidelitas logo, outlined it with glue using our paint brushes and then poured glitter all over to fill in the design. Let me just say, that this was the easiest Halloween pumpkin decorating we have ever done.

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Michelle Marsh
October 20, 2014 | Michelle Marsh

Sunset in the Estate Vineyard

Every month I am lucky enough to spend a few days on Red Mountain and every time I'm there it's amazing how the vines transform. This time while I was wasting time waiting for rock blasting on the pass to get over, I spent the last few minutes of sunlight in our Estate Vineyard capturing some of the beauty of October on Red Mountain. It's crazy to think by the time I'm there next month, most of the shades of green will be long gone.


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Jess Zander
October 8, 2014 | Jess Zander

Harvest Party Itinerary

Harvest Party is just around the corner, and if this warm weather continues, it’s going to be a gorgeous day to enjoy a taco on the patio.  I’ll be driving from Seattle for the weekend with Grace and Dara (who helps us out in the Woodinville tasting room from time to time) and decided that we might as well make a weekend out of it!  Here is the itinerary:


Tasting at Gilbert Cellars: Depending on what time we get out of town, we may make a stop at this downtown Yakima tasting room…just to get the weekend started right!  Plus, I could stare at their gorgeous portrait of Gilbert Peak all day.

Early dinner at Wine O’Clock:  Because the bacon and pear pizza is amazing!!!  Dara won’t come to Red Mountain without this Prosser stop.


Saturday Morning Yoga at the new Walter Clore Center: It’s followed by mimosas so that’s a no brainer.

Pre-party visit to our friends at Frichette:  Miss Charlie’s Merlot?  We’ve been out for a while.  Find a good one here…

Harvest Party!  This is one of my favorite events of the year.  It’s just wine and tacos on the sunny patio in the afternoon.  Low key and way fun.

Wind down at Anelare: We love our friends Kahryn and Forrest’s new tasting room (on McBee…looking back at Red Mountain).


Brunch at Anthony’s: Bloody Mary on the patio?  In October?  Yes please!

Pumpkins and farm animals at the Country Mercantile:  Finally, an activity that will appeal to Grace.  I can’t wait to pick out our pumpkins!

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